V dobooku anniversary

April 23th 2018: 5 years

Every April 23th, World Book’s Day, dobooku celebrates his foundation birthday.

The embryonic idea of dobooku, born as an online Magazine publishing new contents focusing its contents on design and aesthetics on Public Works, has evolved to an open and permeable group of civil engineers, structural designers, architects, urban planners and public works lovers – students and professionals alike. Dobooku, as a Cultural Association that fosters the Culture of Design in Public Works, spreads the word on public works through activities and actions.

This year, to highlight that the Institution of Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers in Catalonia adhered and published The Dobooku Manifesto for Public Works in its magazine “”. Moreover, the Manifesto appeared on the front cover of the magazine and it was presented at its courtyard in Barcelona on July 5th 2017. The Presentation was highly impressive. A contemporary dancer uncovered and taught to all attendees the Manifesto, divided into ten boards. We wanted to dance, as a symbol of joy and work in progress; as a creative and communicative process; as a reaction to enhance Public Works perspectives; and as an aesthetic response to show how to go beyond traditional Public Works environments.

Dobooku’s path:

Dobooku is work in progress. Through years we have all grown together, we have all generated nice and dynamic synergies. The following is a more detailed explanation of our story, accomplishments and milestones:

2013, dobooku begins.

Three civil engineers based in Barcelona create a web-site magazine open to all those interested in design and aesthetics in Public Works. Public Works as the main element of discussion to be inclusive and to go beyond Civil and Structural Engineering. Dobooku expands to multiple social media communications channels in order to allow interaction and social networks.

2014, dobooku educates.

Dobooku takes shape as a cultural and non-lucrative Association. The Dobooku Awards are launched to give students awards and also the opportunity to gain practical experience in professional environments. Dobooku’s design-thinking workshops start. The goal is to create a preliminary bridge between the educational environment to the professional world.

2015, dobooku collaborates.

Dobooku contacts and gives support to other organizations that promote similar purposes through open activities. Collaborations are set with the basic idea to share, build and shape dobooku’s purposes. Dobooku collaborates with entities and companies that give support to outreach common activities, as well as scholarship programs with design practices for students.

2016, dobooku expands.

Architects and urban planners join and enrich the Association. Collaborations grow strong and international interchange starts. The dobooku atom is created: the core were all partners manage and guide the Association; the satellites or those collaborators who often enrich dobooku with new and fresh ideas; and the comets or those who from time to time set a contribution or they simply have a less active attitude but they want to keep in touch with dobooku. With all of them dobooku grows in volume and, better than this, it makes sense.

2017, dobooku manifests.

The dobooku Manifesto for Public Works defines dobooku’s aims. In order to engage users with public works it is necessary to share our opinion. Debate is needed to learn and enjoy better Public Works. Dobooku to promote the Culture of Design in Public Works.

2018, dobooku looks far ahead.

To participate and collaborate as Digital Media Partners at two Internacional Conference on Civil Engineering Education (IV International Conference on Structural Engineering. Education Without Borders in Madrid & EUCEET 2018 / 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering Education: Challenges for the Third Millennium in Barcelona)  provides a portal into International Public Works environment. Next step is to work towards the English web-site to spread the word around the world.

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  1. Tantas cosas hechas y tantas cosas por hacer. Es un placer y un orgullo poder ser parte de dobooku al lado de gente tan buena e interesante.

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